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Farm Fresh: The Best of Mistletoe in 2018


We didn’t know this year could be even better than the last. We stand corrected.

Here at Mistletoe Farm, we like to keep people in the loop. Since ‘paca people are part of the family, we thought we would share some updates from this year at the farm.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get the alpacas to stand still for a photo. But trust us, we have plenty on our Instagram.

Please enjoy a glimpse into our wonderful, crazy, packed and joy-filled 2018 and some of our top ten favorite moments from the year.

1. In September, we added the newest member of our farm family. Our baby cria, Callie (thank you for taking part in our name game) took her first steps onto our farm and into our hearts. She is fierce, huggable and of course, adorable.

2. Patricia only spit on two people all year. (She earned her spot on the nice list!)

3. We spent most of September and October making pumpkins. We give a huge thank you to The Barn Door in downtown Franklin – we sold out about five times! Our pumpkin felting classes were a smashing hit, and our Santa ornament needle felting classes were also a ton of fun!

4. We built a brand-new website! It sure seemed to create a lot of interest. Check it out here.

5. After some trouble bottle-feeding our baby boy Luca, Breeze nursed him and her own baby Sergeant. 16 ounces, five times a day was nothing short of a summer miracle! Luca is now 75 pounds and his brother Sarg is 65 pounds. That means time to wean and be side by side with the big boys!

6. National Alpaca Farm Day was a huge success. We’ve never had more visitors and supporters than this year.

7. Our annual Woman’s Club of Nashville and Mud Puddle Pottery open house were record years!

8. Not to mention we danced in the rain both days at Dickens of a Christmas. Thankfully, cloudy skies didn’t stop our fans from having a ball of a time with us in December.

9. All of you gave us farm visits out the wazoo. We got to see it all – from several felting classes and birthday parties to a blindfolded surprise visit.

10. Of course, fur therapy is always a highlight of our year. We do what we do for the love, joy and vibrancy it brings to ours and others’ lives. Thank you for making it a memorable 2018!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from us at the farm.

Want to visit us in 2019? Farm visits will be paused from Jan. 30 through April 15 for tax season. But come April 16 for the ‘paca party to start again.


Leanne and Tom Butchko are a couple of accountants who dreamed a little and started a close-knit family farm featured on Tennessee Crossroads. Today, they are not only tax-filers but a husband and wife who breed, love and enjoy alpacas. They invite you to spend time with their herd and get to know these adorable animals. Plan your visit to Mistletoe Farm by booking an appointment here!


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