Kiss My Alpacas

Thank you for making May a smashing success! 

June is shaping up to be a busy month too.

Just a few spots left!!

Thank you to all our visitors! We appreciate you and love all the smiles!

We will close (sorry yes again!) July-mid September 

Alpacas in fur coats are not very social in hot summer months!

We don't/can't make them do anything but be blobs in front of fans lounging in their barns!

But if you want to experience a memorable family/friend activity

Put us on your Fall bucket list!

We promise you some lifetime joy filled memories!

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ABOUT mistletoe farm alpacas

Leanne and Tom Butchko (below) are a couple of accountants who dreamed a little and started a close-knit family farm featured on Tennessee Crossroads. Read the Butchko's story here!


Today, they are not only tax-filers but a husband and wife who breed, love and enjoy alpacas. They invite you to spend time with their herd and get to know these adorable animals. 


All you need to bring are big smiles and a camera!


They are also skilled at turning fluffy alpaca fur into handmade items perfect for gifts, souvenirs and collections. Peruse their online store here.