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Let the fur fun begin.
Book now.

Spiring flowers and alpaca hours:

Booking Spring 2024!


We're currently opening the farm for visits from April 27 until June 20, 2024. Current time slots will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Book now!

*We want you to have the best experience possible, and our alpacas will be ready to chill in their barns by 2 p.m.

Thank you for a wonderful 2023! We can't believe this is our 20th year on the farm. We appreciate everyone who supports our farm by visiting, purchasing our products, and following/liking/commenting on our Instagram page.

Please gather your family and friends to meet the herd and see what we make with their annual haircut! This is not only a photo opp but also a hands-on experience that's both fun and educational. You never know what to expect as every visit is different!

Don't see a day or time you want? Call 615-202-1054 to join the standby list.

Sharing our farm and alpacas with you is such a privilege, and we appreciate the support. All the love to our frequent visitors: We hope to see you again!



Leanne and the floofs

About your visit


Need to knows:

- $50 for 30 minutes (up to five guests)


- $100 for one hour (up to 10 guests)

- $10 per person for every guest exceeding the five- or 10-person limit (exception for children under two)

- Weekends are one-hour sessions only. Weekdays are 30-minute or one-hour sessions. Grab your favorite friends and family members to fill up those weekend spots! 

- All visits require a 50% deposit to book. We accept credit card or Venmo. The balance is due at the time of your visit and can be paid by credit card, Venmo, or cash.

Cancellation Policy:


- If you cancel your visit and do not reschedule, you forfeit your deposit. Consider it a donation to help support our working farm which we appreciate greatly!


- In the case of rain, we'll either rebook or refund your deposit. 

Current bookings:

- Normally, we have visitors May to December on select days from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

- If we are booked on the day or time you prefer, call to join the standby list in case of cancellations!

What we expect: 

Just use this booking like a virtual doorbell and let us know when you're coming over! Book appointments here.

What the alpacas expect:

Alpacas are fair-weather creatures. They don't like heat or rain (which as you know, never happens in Tennessee). This means hours and times can change based on weather. And we love our alpacas but we also have day jobs (boo). We are accountants who work during tax season (February - April). 

How you'll hear from us: 

Once you request a visit on our form, we will answer within 24 hours. But ... life happens and we do miss some on occasion. If you don't hear from us quickly, shoot us a message on Instagram or give us a call. Every visitor matters (and we know you're pumped to see our farm).

Booking for Girl Scout or Boy Scout troops, homeschool groups, or other school groups:

- If you are a Girl Scout or Boy Scout, homeschool, or school group and want to do a badge or educational activity, please call 615-202-1054! We will discuss ages, material fees, and time constraints to make sure we are set up for it and block out enough time. We usually allow over an hour for these groups. 

Plan a birthday party!

- What better way to celebrate than with 15 of your closest friends ... or alpacas! Get your party hats ready (although it's doubtful the alpacas would wear them), and give us a call at 615-202-1054 to book.

- While we don't provide the setup, you're more than welcome to bring decorations, cake, ice cream ... etc.

- We recommend you call to book additional time so your group and any following groups are able to enjoy a private experience. 

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