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Shoot your shot. Book now.

Fully booked through Dec. 17, 2023!


Your support is so incredible, we are fully booked for the fall and winter season. We can't tell you how much we (and our alpacas) appreciate those that visit and support our farm!

Don't see a day or time you want? Call 615-202-1054 to join the standby list.

Huge thank you's are in order to our visitors, supporters, and repeat guests!

Success! Message received.

About your visit


Need to knows:

- $50 for 30 minutes up to five guests.


- $100 for one hour up to 10 guests.

Current bookings:

- Normally, we have visitors May to December, weekends from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

- If we are booked on the day or time you prefer, call to join the standby list in case of cancellations!

What we expect: 

Just use this booking like a virtual doorbell and let us know when you're coming over! Book appointments here.

What the alpacas expect:

Alpacas are fair-weather creatures. They don't like heat or rain (which as you know, never happens in Tennessee). This means hours and times can change based on weather. And we love our alpacas but we also have day jobs (boo). We are accountants who work during tax season (February - April). 

How you'll hear from us: 

Once you request a visit on our form, we will answer within 24 hours. But ... life happens and we do miss some on occasion. If you don't hear from us quickly, shoot us a message on Instagram or give us a call. Every visitor matters (and we know you're pumped to see our farm).

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