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Dear Mistletoe Farm Family

Updated: Dec 31, 2018


Dear Mistletoe Farm Family,

If you didn’t know you were part of the family, you are now.


Leanne Butchko and her husband Tom started this small farm in hopes of raising alpacas and eliciting smiles. This year, they got to do both those things in style.

But none of it would be possible without the overwhelming support and participation from the family of supporters who take part in our little family.

This was our best year by a landslide in all of our joy-filled, alpaca-fuzzy 15-year history.

So we’re here to say a hearty “Thank you!”

Alpacas can’t speak (at least that we know of), so you’ll just have to take our word for it that they say “Thank you” too.

Thank you for all the farm visits, the school trips, the birthday parties, the weaving classes, the National Alpaca Farm Day support, the likes, the follows, the participation in our giveaways, the business with our little-but-fierce store, the stick-it-out fans at Dickens of a Christmas.

Thank you for giving Patricia (our “PR alpaca”) way too much attention, giving us big laughs, giving affirming pats to our ‘pacas, giving hugs, giving smiles and giving us a million and one reasons to keep loving what we’re doing.

Thank you Kevin, Peggy and all our friends at the #BarnDoor in Franklin for not only a banner year with record sales but sending visitors, spreading the word and hosting open house with Alpha. He loved it.

It’s why we do what we do. (And the alpacas are a good reason too!) We can’t imagine our lives without the fur therapy!

From our family at the farm to your family, we wish you a Happy New Year and a big thank you for all the love and support,

Mistletoe Farm Alpacas


Leanne and Tom Butchko are a couple of accountants who dreamed a little and started a close-knit family farm featured on Tennessee Crossroads. Today, they are not only tax-filers but a husband and wife who breed, love and enjoy alpacas. They invite you to spend time with their herd and get to know these adorable animals. Plan your visit to Mistletoe Farm by booking an appointment here!


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